Allotment visit today!

Riley and I have has a lovely productive day at the plot! the weather has been perfect for gardening and i even stripped down to a tee shirt today which is unusual for February!

The plan today was to plant some garlic and prep another bed.I forgot to buy any seed garlic so I’ve used some cloves that i had in the kitchen, which always seem to work just as well! garlic needs good drainage above everything else, and the frost is what splits the bulbs into cloves. We eat loads of the stuff; i it’s in pretty much everything we cook and home grown is so much stronger than shop bought.

Next up was to make a new ‘no dig’ bed reusing an old pallet collar that i dug up! The good thing with this method when you have as much grass as we do, is that you just plonk the bed on top! Its soooo easy to do but can become expensive if you’re using shop bought compost and manure. Today’s bed started with cardboard that i doubled up. Then i chucked a bag of goats poo and hay on top of the cardboard, the hay will help with drainage as well (see photos) i then used an organic mix of compost and manure that has been dried and ground up, but you can use leaves and sticks followed by manure. Next up was my own compost but you can use a few bags of shop bought, and the lovely soil i always collect from my (many) molehills! Then to protect the soil i checked what was left of a bag of garden friendly wood chip. This is the fourth no dig bed ive made and its true that it DOES suppress the weeds, give it a go its so easy!

After a lot of weeding and general clearing, a catch up with my allotment neighbour and a lunch break i cleared another bed of the worlds smallest sprouts (fail) and added chicken manure pellets and my own compost. I’m thinking of giving up on brassicas altogether this growing year, they always seem to feed the white fly and slugs more than us! We will see..

Rather than leave the soil open to the elements i covered the bed with a bag of four year old leaf mould after finding a bin bag full of the stuff that we collected from our Sheffield plot! Not done that before but it seems like the right thing to do and i use my instincts more and more with gardening, so… 🤞🤞🤞

With Riley pestering me to go home for his tea, we packed up and went home. not before noticing the rhubarb is poking through my mulch! Excited much!

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