No sleep, again!

I’m full of cold and feeling very sorry for myself today, after a second rubbish night made up of coughing, sneezing, blocked and runny nose (at the same time, how?) and a very irritated husband who bless him, has just rung from work to see how i am. 🆘 The good news is that its not ‘rona. That’s where the good news stops mind.

Man flu aside, im feeling anxious and frustrated today; trying to leave my NHS nurse job is proving to be very difficult, probably as i am applying for ill health retirement after finally accepting that my mental health is just too fragile now to keep going in the field of mental health nursing. However what wont come as a surprise to anyone these days, is just how long winded and burocratic the process is- forms, more forms, forms to order forms etc etc and then having to rely on doctors and managers to sign said forms, something that proved too difficult for the Occupational Health doctor 🙄Of course i understand how busy everyone is but a signature?? Really?

So, being physically unwell and feeling mentally a bit shit today means I’m going to try and be kind to myself. This is never my first instinct but its something I’m working on, this whole self care thing and today is one of those days. Sadly i do still need to get some food shopping and walk Riley, but my seed sorting plans will just have to wait, as will sorting through my jars and labels etc ready for my first preserving efforts of 2022, probably in a few weeks judging by how well my rhubarb is doing!

On a positive note though, i managed to clear and start prepping the polytunnel yesterday whilst Rene joyfully burned stuff 🤦‍♀️🤣 and my two little ’no dig’ beds are also ready for planting in, come the Spring! A quick tidy up of the rhubarb patch before mulching it with well rotted manure, saw me done in, covered in my own snot, head banging but happy! 😆

So for now, i will bid you farewell, leaving you with a few photos from the allotment taken yesterday. 💚

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